July 17   Haussmann   15:15 - 16:15   |   Mobility, Enviroment

Transport in Megapolis. Rethinking Approaches to Urban Mobility

The world’s leading cities are unanimous in placing their bets on the development of public transportation. The key challenge here is creating an integrated transportation system on the scale of an urban agglomeration. In this, Moscow has made significant progress. The launch of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), a 54-kilometer inner-city rail, in 2016 became the hallmark infrastructure project for the city. After being abandoned for over a century, an old railroad became one of Moscow’s vital arteries. Building on its success, Moscow is embarking on a new megaproject branded the Moscow Central Diameters. The project sets out to modernise suburban railroads and integrate it with the city transportation system. Mobilizing the «hidden» resources of the infrastructure is becoming a distinctive feature of Moscow’s transportation policy. This approach allows for increasing transportation accessibility and speed, and optimising the investments. 

  • What are the key parameters of the projects being implemented in Moscow? 
  • How do they fit into the overall strategy for the development of public transport? 
  • What are the effects of these projects in terms of transport, society, and urban planning? 
  • What other hidden resources can the cities use to develop infrastructure? 


Elena Tolstaya
TV Journalist, TV Channel "Moscow 24"


Maksim Liksutov
Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development
Alan Lushnikov
Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
Petr Katsyv
Deputy General Director - Head of the Center for Development of the Moscow Transport Hub, JSC Russian Railways
Mohamed Mezghani
Secretary General, International Association of Public Transport
Federico Parolotto
Senior Partner, Mobility in Chain
Dmitry Snesar
Head of Client coverage – Senior Vice President, VTB Bank


Maksim Liksutov - Transport in Megapolis. Rethinking Approaches to Urban Mobility