July 17   Moses   12:45 - 13:45   |   Strategy, Enviroment, Wellbeing

Egocentric City vs Ascetic City. Scenarios and Alternatives of Spatial Development

For all its complexity, urban planning and development at their core should be driven by a simple criterion of the citizens’ satisfaction with their life in their city. Is there enough space for me in the apartment? Is it convenient to commute to work? Are there grocery stores and restaurants close to my home? Do my kids breathe fresh air and is there enough green spaces in the city? For the cities these questions manifest themselves as decision crossroads: rise high or extend the territory, develop culture or commerce, build new parks or restore the existing ones. 

  • What are the criteria for urban planning in modern cities? 
  • How should the cities develop: rise high or expand? 
  • In what way new construction technology is linked to the quality of the urban environment? 


Ekaterina Shapochka
Partner, PwC


Andrey Bochkarev
Head of the Department of Construction, Moscow Government
Mariana Barrera
National Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Secretary of Urban Infrastructure, Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Works and Housing of Argentina
Alexandr Lozhkin
Advisor to the Mayor of Novosibirsk
Winy Maas
Co-Founding Partner, Principal Architect and Urbanist, MVRDV
Markus Schaefer
Partner, Hosoya Schaefer Architects