July 17   Niemeyer   17:45 - 18:45   |   Innovation, Investments

Mass Housing as an Innovation Driver. Global Experience and Local Challenges

Society and lifestyle change, followed by a change in views on ideal housing. Housing is becoming more compact, new formats for the ownership of housing are being invented, individual apartments are no longer valued, and public functions are taken out of apartments. At the same time, demand for energy efficiency of housing is developing, and the city is oriented towards more sustainable formats of consumption of energy and other natural resources. All these aspects affect the model of housing purchase – although the segment of mortgage lending in the last four years has shown the highest dynamics in Russia, mortgage is becoming only one of the tools to ensure the availability of housing.

  • What are the challenges that the residential real estate market is facing? 
  • How does housing respond to the changing demands of consumers? 
  • What tools will allow making housing affordable?


Sergey Riabokobylko
Managing Partner, CEO, Cushman & Wakefield


Claudio Acioly
Chief of Training and Capacity Development, UN-Habitat
Vicente Guallart
Research supervisor, HSE
Alice Charles
Project Lead, Cities, World Economic Forum Geneva
Emmanuel Forest
Senior Vice-President of Institutional and European Affairs, Bouygues SA
Darinka Czischke
Assistant professor, TU Delft
Anna Sokolova
Head, Strategy and Marketing Management, INGRAD

First Row Experts

Yulia Zubarik