July 17   Wren   15:15 - 16:15   |   Innovation, Investments

Modern Industry. Enhancing Cooperation in Response to Global Technological Challenges

The forecasts about the death of the industry in the cities turned out to be an overstatement. Service-oriented economy, the high density of talent and scientific and technological potential retain modern industrial firms within city limits. The city becomes host to the innovative, hi-tech production lines, typically small, with adaptive management model that allows them to implement cutting-edge, complex Industry 4.0 projects. As many other global megacities, Moscow is thoroughly invested in the maintenance and development of the industrial complex in the city. 

  • What is a modern urban industrial complex? 
  • What role does it play in the economy and employment in the city? 
  • How to create an attractive environment for the industry?
  • What happens to the traditional industry in a big city? 


Alexei Komissarov
Vice-Rector, RANEPA


Alexei Fursin
Minister of Moscow Government
Vasily Brovko
Director for Special Assignments, Rostec
Bruce Katz
Co-Founder, New Localism Advisors
Evgeny Kuznetsov
General Director, Orbita Capital Partners

First Row Experts

Mikhail Fonarev
Director, "Moscow Endocrine Plant"
Tatiana Redko
Deputy General Director, "Renault Russia"