July 17   Niemeyer   16:30 - 17:30   |   Mobility, Innovation

City in the Smartphone. How "Online" Changes Urban Mobility

In several years, smartphones have managed to radically reshape the transportation habits and behaviour of urban dwellers. Mobile internet made navigating, ordering a taxi, paying for parking, searching for rental points or buying online became easier and more efficient. If technology has brought upon such significant changes in transportation flows, imagine the opportunities that will be opened by precise information on available parking spaces or autonomous vehicles.  

  • What effect do already common online services have on urban traffic? 
  • How are new transport technologies changing the behaviour of citizens? 
  • What other changes might be brought about by transport digitalisation? 


Maksim Liksutov
Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development


Boris Volpe
CEO, MaximaTelecom
Yoav Mordowicz
General Manager, Via
Dmitry Snesar
Head of Client coverage – Senior Vice President, VTB Bank
Ralf-Peter Schäfer
Vice President, ‎TomTom
Leonid Sysoev
CEO, Delimobil