July 17   Lee Kuan Yew   14:15 - 15:00   |   Strategy

Strategy vs Mega Projects. What Is the Alternative to Massive Urban Projects?

Urban development through mega projects is an established development approach with detailed practices and procedures that gained popularity in the globalised market. In the past ten years, however, mega projects have been receiving a more comprehensive evaluation that focuses not only on the advantages of large investments but on long term effects on the city’s social and economic environment. 

  • What is the correlation between long term urban strategies and urban development mega projects? 
  • What techniques do cities employ to set and implement the development goals? 
  • In what ways do cities ensure for stakeholders’ engagement and long term control over the projects? 


Alexei Muratov
Partner, Strelka KB


Andrei Golovin
Project Manager and Expert, MLA+
Sergey Kuznetsov
Chief Architect of Moscow
Michael Rosenberger
Senior Strategic Planner, City of Vienna