July 17   Cerda   12:45 - 13:45   |   Wellbeing, Creativity

Streets Over Gadgets. How to Make Cities Exciting for Kids?

Just a couple of decades ago, the community space design still followed a time-tested guideline: «a bench for the elderly, a swing for the kids». However today when a choice of online shooters over hopscotch and social networks to playing outside is really a no-brainer for most kids, mere swings and sandboxes are no longer enough to compete for their attention. Besides being a space for play, the modern playground needs to be a medium for exploration: here the kids will hop on a carousel to experience the centrifugal force or tinker with musical instruments and mirrors to discover the properties of light and sound. 

  • What can urban environment and urban business offer to kids? What should a modern playground look like? 
  • How can a playground be exciting not only to kinds but to their parents? 
  • What are some of the emerging family leisure formats? 


Lubov Varlamova
Co-Founder, iCube


Jonathan Lazar
Co-Founder, aut--aut
Maria Pomelova
Founder, Bureau Chekharda
Vitaly Survillo
Founder, project "Masterslavl"
Anastasia Tatulova
Founder, Network of Family Cafe-confectionery "AnderSon"
Adriana Friedmann
Creator and Coordinator, NEPSID