July 18   Serda   18:15 - 19:15   |   Wellbeing

No Stress City. Is There a Way to Reach Phsycological Comfort in a City?

Life in the city is rife with stress triggers: roaring metro, visual pollution, multiple planned and unplanned communications. Along with the frantic pace of the urban lifestyle and environmental pollution, these factors can prove detrimental to the mental health of the urban dwellers. According to the World Health Organisation, city’s taxing environment causes depression, de-socialisation and mental disorders. To pioritie the well-being of citizen the cities are called upon to provide professional mental support as well as create space and infrastructure for the prevention of mental overload and burnout.

  • What is the real situation with the state of minds in big cities?  
  • What are some of the modern techniques for monitoring and prevention of mental overload in today’s megacities? 
  • How can we create urban environment that would foster mental health? 


Vasily Klucharev
Director, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, HSE


Mazda Adli
Chair, Fliedner Klinik Berlin
William Powers
Senior Fellow, World Policy Institute in New York
Elena Sautkina
Senior Researcher, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University