July 18   Moses   11:15 - 12:15   |   Inclusion, Investments, Talents

The Space of Confidence. Social Capital as a Source of Competitive Advantage

City is the venue for the interaction between different social groups; thus, its most valuable resource is the social connections between its citizens. To realise the potential of both citizens and occasional visitors, it is critical to build the atmosphere of trust – an environment that supports newcomers and encourages productive co-existence of different social, professional and ethnic groups. Human capital becomes the key factor for economic prosperity, safety and comfort of the city. Countries with high social capital and high levels of openness and trust are more likely to become home to ground-breaking technological startups.  

  • What is the role of trust for the economic prosperity and psychological well-being of the cities? 
  • What is more essential: citizens trusting their government or citizens trusting each other? 
  • How are the leading megacities different in terms of social trust? 


Alexandr Baunov
Editor in Chief,


Viktor Vakhshtain
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences
Richardson Dilworth
Director of the Center for Public Policy, Drexel University
Sergey Solonin
Vladimir Yablonsky
Chairman of the Board, Association for Social Development