July 18   Lee Kuan Yew   10:00 - 11:00   |   Strategy

Prosperity Is Not an Accident. Indices as an Instrument of City Governance

Data is the fuel of the technological revolution. Both businesses and cities are competing to collect the largest amounts of data. Many cities use the accumulated data to create ratings and indexes that assess the work of urban networks. The data highlights the problems and provides the numbers for an effective result-oriented decision-making process.

  • Which megacities have been successful in using data-driven ratings and indexes? 
  • How can the city integrate and organise inner data sources? 
  • How can it build communication with the owners of the external data sources critical for the decision-making process? 
  • How is real time monitoring transforming change management in the city? 


Claudio Acioly
Chief of Training and Capacity Development, UN-Habitat


Eduardo Moreno
Director of Research and Capacity Development, UN-Habitat


UN – Habitat