July 22   HAUSSMANN HALL   14:40 - 15:40  


A musical collaboration between Nikita Zabelin, Petr Termen and Ekaterina Danilova on the theme of the city of the future.  

Their electronic devices interact based on the principle of networking, creating connections and generating multi-channel sound in just the same way as people share ideas and collaborate to change the city's appearance, a process where the production of knowledge is valued above all.

  • Modular synthesizers – Nikita Zabelin
  • Theremin – Petr Termen
  • Video – Ekaterina Danilova

Duration – 30 minutes


Petr Termen
Composer, thereminvox performer
Nikita Zabelin
Founder of Resonance project, resident of ARMA17 and label trip
Ekaterina Danilova (Idwyr)
Generative design artist