July 22   HAUSSMANN HALL   17:00 - 18:00  

Hello Moscow! Transport talks to you. Why it needs creative projects?


Nikolay Palazhenko
One of the creators of the Center for Contemporary Art "Winzavod"


Oksana Bondarenko
Adviser to the head of the Department of Transport of Moscow
Iryna Kaletinkina
Creative producer, co-author of the concept of cultural and educational platform "Hello, Moscow!"
Vladimir Raevskiy
Author and host of TV and radio programs, producer
Ekaterina Molchanova
Art director of the project "Hello, Moscow!"
Anastasia Bolotnikova
Designer, author of illustrations of the project "Hello, Moscow!"
Evgenia Galetka
Со-основатель и управляющий партнер агентства Journey
Tatyana Novoselova
Producer of the project "Literary map. Moscow"