July 18   Lee Kuan Yew   18:15 - 19:15   |   Wellbeing, Creativity

Memory Space. Who and What Should the City Remember?

A city is shaped by its history, both in its days of glory and hardships. There are many urban memory practices that keep the memories of people and events alive: from traditional monuments and plaques to museums. Besides official monuments, many cities have spontaneous memorials initiated by citizens, like the Wall of Tsoy in Moscow.

  • What should the city remember? 
  • Who and in what way should create regulations for memory preservation? 
  • How are the grassroots initiatives formed? 
  • In what ways should the city help its citizens remember? 
  • What could be the formats of the public memory in the future?  


Sergei Medvedev
Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, HSE


Sergei Mirzoyan
First Deputy Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow
Pavel Gnilorybov
Employee, Museum of Moscow
Anatoly Golubovsky
Stuart Fowkes
Founder, Cities and Memory