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In big cities, some bird species vanish, while others feel more comfortable in urban jungles than in their natural habitat, having adapted to their new environment. Cities are quite an unstable environment with unpredictable changes, including large-scale construction projects, a dearth of natural flora, and the replacement of natural soil with asphalt. The adaptation of birds to cities is an interesting evolutionary process that we are in the middle of right now. How does the urban environment change bird lives and behaviour? Where can we see European goldfinch and spotted woodpeckers in Moscow? And why are birds so important to big city ecology?


Elizaveta Ivtushok
Science journalist, editor at N+1 media


Alexey Buldakov
Artist, initiator of the Urban Flora and Fauna Lab collaborative research project
Veronika Samotskaya
Zoologist, teacher of BirdID course, founder of the Birdwatching Moscow project
Mikhail Kalyakin
Director of the Zoological Museum of M.V. Lomonosov State University, co-author of the Moscow City B
Olga Voltsit
Co-author of the Moscow City Bird Atlas