Concert hall  CERDA HALL  12:00 - 12:50  |  About Moscow


Information about places of power, mystical stories and sacred practices can make you both a master of life and change your whole attitude towards the city. Listen to a selection of the most vivid of 400 legends, practices and traditions to build an alternative map of Moscow. Immerse yourself in Moscow as a text and find out where the stories passed down from generation to generation come from, how self-fulfilling prophecies work (the Pygmalion effect), and what you can learn about people by studying their superstitions.

Walking along Myasnitskaya street, you can feel an odd chill as you recall the ghost behind the ornamental house wall, and walking over Luzhkov bridge, you can now tell your friends where the whole love-lock tradition comes from. Some of the more typical Moscow beliefs are easy to recognise: rub the dogs' noses at the Ploschad Revolutsii metro station, throw a coin over your shoulder at the Zero Kilometer, and all the legends behind the Stalin high-rises… we could talk about them all night long!

During the lecture, we will expand your understanding of the most well-known Moscow stories and practices, as well as make an itinerary of the unknown. We will review historical characters and mystical places, ghosts and abandoned houses, places where wishes are granted, and graves worshipped. All this to help better understand the city and the people living here.


Nikita Petrov