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Let's imagine a slide. Waking up in the morning, we usually are at the foot of the left slope - there is peace and no stress. In fact, such a life with a constant calm would be boring. At the top of the mountain is a zone of good stress, or, in scientific terms, eustressa. He stimulates us, makes life rich, invigorates. But in a big city, as a rule, we quickly begin to slide down the right side of the mountain, into a zone of bad stress (distress). Nervous work, traffic jams, exams are pushing for this. Due to distress, fatigue begins, then exhaustion, burnout, chronic fatigue, and eventually serious illness develops.

Therefore, our task is to stay on top of the mountain or climb back there from the zone of bad stress. At the same time, the boundary between useful eustress and harmful distress is literally drawn on the sand. How to recognize it and not fall into distress is not a matter of a million, but a billion. Fortunately, the approaches have already been outlined and the means for solving it have appeared.


Ancha Baranova
Doctor of Biological Sciences, a member of the American Society of Human Genetics