Events in the park  SMALL AMPHITHEATER  15:00 - 16:00  |  Entrepreneurship


We like to tell stories to each other. People do it from the most ancient times. We remember stories more than dry facts. And many dream to go down in history. History, whether true or fiction, can inspire millions of people. What if at the very beginning of designing (home, city or new service) we try to come up with a History? How you will tell it to your grandson? How will the guests from other continents tell her, returning home to their friends? Marco will tell you how he approaches his projects from the principle of creating a "history." He will explain how the same approach helps him when working in the largest development company PIK, teaching in Moscow Architectural Institute and organizing DEEP FRIED FRIENDS parties.


Marko Mihić Jeftić
Head of the Product, PIK