Excursions  Обзорные экскурсии по Москве  16:00 - 17:30  |  About Moscow


During this tour we will visit the medieval centre of Moscow trade and the oldest district of the capital – Kitay-gorod. We will be discussing and showing you what remains of the ancient fortress wall, which was barbarically destroyed in the 1930s. We will also learn how the legendary fortification was erected. Our journey will take place along the imaginary border of the 16th century.

During our tour, you will learn:

  • What was the idea behind a defensive structure built in the heart of the city?
  • Why does the ancient district of the Russian city have such a strange name?
  • Who exactly was the Kitay-gorod wall built to protect?
  • Why was the fortification building a favourite place of trade for Muscovites and visiting merchants?

Meeting point: Manezhnaya square, Monument to Georgy Zhukov


Airat Bagautdinov
The historian of engineering. Author of the project "Moscow through the eyes of an engineer