Excursions  Обзорные экскурсии по Москве  17:00 - 18:30 


The history of Zaryadye district is very old and rich. It has practically got it all: ancient chambers and temples, estates and shopping stalls, administrative buildings and hotels. The district received its name based on its location behind the shopping stalls ("ryady"), which have not been preserved to our time. But now, many people associate it with the most central and fashionable park in the capital.

On this tour, you will see:

  • the ancient chambers and temples of Varvarka;
  • the modern constructions of Zaryadye Park;
  • a magnificent view of the Kremlin and historic centre of the city;
  • amazing combinations of natural and architectural wonders.
During our tour, you will learn:
  • What was in Zaryadye before the Revolution?
  • What grandiose projects were planned for this space?
  • Why was the Rossiya Hotel built and then demolished?
  • How many people can the Floating Bridge bear?
  • Why was the concert hall covered with a "glass crust"?
  • What is under the park and pavilions, and much more.

Meeting point: Zaryadye Park, at the entrance to the Kupol pavilion


Andrey Tutushkin