Concert hall  WREN HALL  16:00 - 17:00  |  About Moscow


With a view to its architectural image, Moscow is one of the most chaotic megacities in the world. Construction here never seems to stop, even at night. However, the vision of the city changes faster than new plans can be implemented. Why hasn't Moscow acquired its own architectural integrity, as most notable European capitals have?

Every epoch has dictated its vision of the capital city: in the 16th century, there were Italian architects who rebuilt the Kremlin according to the Renaissance canon, and in the 18th century, leading architects worked in the classical style. In the 20th century, devastating wars and economic shifts altered the image in their own way. But no epoch has ever managed to see its concept through to the very end.
During the lecture, we will carefully examine the stages of Moscow's building system and the conceptual principles at its base, from the Romanov era to Stalin's city-planning reforms.


Dmitry Bezzubtsev
Architectural historian