December 7, 2017
Moscow Urban Forum donates renovation showroom property to the Charity Fund «Sofiya»

MUF donated the interior design items exhibited in the showroom for the residential housing renovation programme, which was open to the public at VDNH as part of Moscow Urban Forum 2017, to the Sofiya Charity Fund. The donation includes furniture, household appliances and decor items. The Fund will distribute the gifts among orphanages and families with many children. The Head of the Department of Social Services and Church Charity of the Tver Diocese, hieromonk Amvrosy, said that according to their database, there are at least 500 people in need of their help.

We remind our readers that one floor of the building, identical to what will be built as part of the renovation programme, was demonstrated at the MUF 2017 expo, to show what the future homes designed for all participants of the programme will look like. The showroom presented the front of the building, interior finishing and layout, as well as interior design. More than 70 thousand people visited the renovation project showroom, which was on display in VDNH Pavilion No. 75.