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Gérard Mestrallet

Gérard Mestrallet

Chairman and CEO of Engie

Gérard Mestrallet joined the profession in 1982, becoming a technical advisor in charge of industrial affairs under the Minister of Economics and Finance. In 1984 he arrived as a special advisor at the Suez gas and energy company and in 24 years reached the position of its Chairman and CEO. During his term of office, the company focused on three lines of business: energy, water and waste management. In 2008 Suez merged with Gaz de France and became GDF Suez. After rebranding in 2015, the company was transformed into Engie S.A. The company now operates in power generation, transmission and supply of electricity, production and transportation of natural gas and development of alternative energy sources. In addition, Engie, led by Mestrallet, continues to manage waste collection and water treatment, the activities previously performed by Suez. Now Engie collaborates, in particular, with Gazprom in gas transportation and supply (the Nord Stream project), manages projects on scientific and technical education of personnel, and cultural projects.

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