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Klaus Wowereit

Klaus Wowereit

ex-Mayor of Berlin

As a native Berliner, Wowereit knew exactly what his hometown was missing. He became Governing Mayor when Berlin was on the verge of bankruptcy. He began by closing the loss-making sites of social infrastructure (the number of which he then gradually increased again) and placed his stake on the city's cultural component: parades, youth festivals, opera nights and the like. The Mayor made efforts to reduce unemployment by relying on companies involved in biotechnology and IT and he established a programme to support innovation and built headquarters and production facilities for high-tech companies. It is thanks to his work that Berlin now has environmental standards in construction and solar panels. In 2008 he introduced a conservation area in the city centre and a while later he created Tempelhof Park where the airport once stood. During his term of office, Berlin successfully hosted the 2009 IAAF World Athletics Championship.

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