Project of the Moscow city government
City for All
Exhibition of Moscow’s Key Urban
Development and Infrastructure Projects
August 1-21
Moscow Manege

Manifesto of the Moscow Urban Forum 2022

The City for All: an Exhibition of Moscow’s Key Urban Development and Infrastructure Projects presents Moscow’s most ambitious urban projects of the last decade.

City for All will share the main changes that are taking place in the city and draw attention to major projects aimed at creating comfortable living environments.

The exhibition presents Moscow through various thematic zones. From residential and office buildings, to transportation system improvements, new playgrounds, sports clusters, science centers, hospitals and museums.

City for All aims to show visitors how they transform with their city.

Guests of all ages will be able to play with interactive models, go on 4D rides, experience AR and VR installations. All guests are welcome to attend a variety of creative, educational, recreational activities to explore how these projects have changed what it means to live, work, and create in the megacity.

City for All aims to help city-dwellers better understand how something new quickly becomes familiar, and how architecture and city streets become a part of history.