MUF Analytical Center

The Analytical Center of the Moscow Urban Forum was launched by the decision of the Mayor of Moscow in 2020 to prepare its own research in the field of urban planning, architecture, economics and strategic development of the city.
The MUF team has extensive experience in advising on spatial development, solving research problems, and participating in the development of products at various stages. Our team consists of consultants who specialize in city economics, spatial analytics, concept development and verification at expert events, support of investment projects, and development of spatial intervention programs.


Urban transformation
Why do we do it?
Urban development challenges require rethinking current zoning and infrastructure adjustments so that they could meet the modern citizen’s needs.
Areas of focus:
  • Urban and spatial development
  • Best use analysis
  • Urban design
  • CJM and UX/UI for spatial development
Change management
Why do we do it?
The key to successful urban transformation lies within adequate project layout and thorough understanding of territorial potential.
Areas of focus:
  • Economic analysis and modelling
  • Organizational design
  • Educational products
  • Tourism oriented products
Customized research and expert support
Why do we do it?
Modern cities are complex systems. In order to approach them we conduct complex territorial and trend analysis and bring multidisciplinary expertise.
Areas of focus:
  • Market research and sectoral studies
  • Customized research
  • Urban Health tools incorporation
  • Best expertise scouting
Strategic communications
Why do we do it?
Building good communications with urban stakeholders is fundamental for sustainable urban development.
Areas of focus:
  • Destination branding and marketing
  • Communication strategies
  • Architecture Competitions
  • Foresight sessions


If you have any questions or suggestions — please contact us or send us a message using the form below
+7 (499) 641-16-82
+7 (495) 123-45-67


UN-Habitat was established in 1978. It is the leading institution for implementing the Habitat Agenda and coordinating settlement development in the United Nations system, which focuses on two priority areas: adequate shelter for all and sustainable urban development.
National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) is one of the leading educational and research institutions in Russia. Numerous under-graduate programmes offered by HSE are ranked Top-100 in QS – World University Rankings, whereas its academic staff is renowned in international scientific society.
The programme was launched in 2014 by Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, University College London, and Novo Nordisk. Throughout its activity the programme has established local partnerships in more than 30 cities around the world, including Moscow where MUF is one of the local partners.
Moscow State University was founded in 1995 and offers more than 300 Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in socio-humanistic fields. MCU has more than 16 000 students enrolled.