MUF Community Awards

The MUF Community Awards is an annual multidisciplinary awards ceremony for urban communities, independent projects, private initiatives, and start-ups who have made a significant contribution to the development of Moscow. VOTING AT MOS.RU

World capitals pay great attention to supporting the initiatives of urban communities. A properly organized dialogue between the city, business and urban society is a powerful driver for a positive urban change, and an important factor for the loyalty of its residents.

The MUF COMMUNITY AWARDS is a platform for exchanging knowledge and creative ideas, and the projects presented as a part of the competition programme are a source of inspiration for future generations of urban innovators. And due to their professionalism and strength of creative thought, Moscow will continue to become more technologically advanced, brighter, more attractive and convenient for its citizens.

The focus of these awards will be those projects and the organizations that have greatly changed and defined the development of various spheres of urban life.


Award nominees are selected by the Advisory Council.
Winners are determined by a public vote.
The Advisory Council is to be formed as follows: for each nomination, the Organizing committee proposes several experts who are competent in the corresponding field; these experts then form a list of 3-5 nominees within their nomination.Winners from the list of announced nominees are to be selected by public voting at the site.


Awards will be presented to projects that meet the following criteria:

  • — the project has impacted the life of the city in a significant way (set a trend, attracted the attention of a wide audience, made notable changes in a certain field);
  • — the project places Moscow on the international market, integrating the city into new professional networks.

The Advisory Council

The nominees for the MUF Community Awards will be selected by the Advisory Council that will consist of representatives from the leading urban communities and projects that are dedicated to development of Moscow.

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