The first international author's film festival

Who came up with this idea?

Moskino together with Film Art magazine    

What is it?

Free-of-charge presentations of the best movies in 2018, the most anticipated premières in 2019, and a Romanian cinematographic retrospective show at the Kosmos movie theatre. The festival programme was divided into three blocks: The Best of 2018, Premières and The New Romanian Wave. And there was a separate demonstration of the full Call DiCaprio! series at the Zvezda theatre. Each demonstration was accompanied by a film presentation made by cinema critics — authors from Cinema Art magazine.

What have they accomplished?

not as industry or entertainment, but art. It is the first Moscow festival where the audience has the opportunity to see free of charge programme demonstrations at a world-class level for cinema contests. The festival outcome proves the popularisation of author films: more than 7,000 spectators visited it during the week

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