Who came up with this idea?

Gorky Park and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. The project was implemented by the landscape design firm AFA    

What is it?

A large playground for kids and adults is located in Gorky Park. It includes nine interconnected venues for games with water, sand, sound, colour, height, and depth. You can find sites with 29 swing sets with all possible types of swings and turns, towers connected by bridges and nets, 100 meters of playful water channels with dams and piers, Archimedes screws, water guns, and much more

What have they accomplished?

Teenagers who come to the Storytelling lab get their first experience in creative reflection. Fictional characters and in-game situations help to relax, build a dialogue, and come out into the open about oneself and one's problems. The project creates a space where teenagers feel respect, acceptance of their thoughts and peculiarities, attention and support. Participants got the opportunity to share their personal histories in the lab and, thus, to expose themselves and become more free.

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