Cascade. Project as Method

Who came up with this idea?

Cascade is a non-commercial initiative supported by a grant competition carried out by Museum 4.0, a Vladimir Potanin charity foundation. Project founders: Alexandra Heifets (Museum of Moscow) and Lidia Lobanova (Museum of Cryptography).

What is it?

A project school for senior students and teachers based at the Triumph contemporary art gallery. Participants have the opportunity to go beyond school limits and to implement a project at a museum, gallery, or any other cultural venue, supervised by contemporary artists.   

What have they accomplished?

School students have discovered that their own lives could be organized like a project. Participants studied contemporary art, learned to work in teams, to work through project concepts, and to make estimates. The "Doesn't do anything: her mother has forbidden her to dance" exhibition-festival, conducted at the Triumph gallery, became a culmination point.

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