NER: Tracing the Future City, 1959-1977

Who came up with this idea?

The Schusev State Museum of Architecture together with the AVC Charity foundation which supports and implements cultural programmes.

What is it?

An exhibition at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture It is dedicated to the collective project by the experimental architectural group NER ("New Element of Settlement"). For more than 15 years they have developed an architectural model of the city of the future. Their projects were based on humanising the urban environment, promoting the idea of a city as a space for creative communication, in pursuit of the principal division between production areas and living space. The exhibition introduced several stages of the NER’s urban theory formation – from their collective diploma in 1960 to projects published abroad.

What have they accomplished?

The exhibition was accompanied by a large-scale cultural and educational programme. During this exhibition they presented a book "NER: City of the Future." An international academic symposium was also conducted, along with a lecture course entitled "Architectural Utopias. 20th Century" and a workshop entitled "The new history will be" where young professionals present their vision of the city of the future.

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