50-letiya Oktyabrya Park

Who came up with this idea?

According to wishes by Moscow residents, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin decided to conduct an urban land improvement in this park. This project was implemented by the Magistral agency.

What is it?

This park is located in the south-west part of Moscow, between Vernadskiy Prospect, Ramenki and Udaltsova streets, and was opened after urban land improvements. The 83.2-hectare park was first opened in 1967, the Ramenka river flows through it, there are two ponds, a monument to peace-keeping soldiers, and Partisans alley. In the center is an open scene and the My Family sculptural composition which is just called "Palms" by locals. The park's urban land improvement began in August 2017, and was finished in June 2018.

What have they accomplished?

The art works were put in good order, special lanes were arranged for pedestrians and cyclists, and sport fields and playgrounds were also laid out. They also replaced lighting and planted trees in the park.

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