The future of money. New financial services in megalopolises

MUF 2017
06 July
New players in the financial sphere radically redraw market power play, expanding the access to necessary services by bypassing conventional financial institutions. Where the rigid banking system stagnates and cannot apply flexibility in the times of crisis, private players take advantage of the context to develop new services. Reduced costs of transactions, new microinvesting tools, and improved data analytics form new principles of commodity-money exchange, such as comfort, speed and trust, and extensively redefine not only the financial sphere of life, but also the labor market, infrastructure, and the set of decision-makers. ? What new financial services are provided in the market and what are their main advantages? ? How do global financial centers survive and adapt in the context of the fintech revolution? ? What will become the principles of a new financial system that provides equal opportunities for its users? ? What kind of partnership is needed between the governmental agencies and companies that provide new financial services?