Age of agglomerations. Investor`s view

MUF 2017
06 July
The concentration of economic activity and population in metropolitan areas forces investors to focus on agglomerations, keeping the appeal of the country on the back-burner. Decisions to invest in specific companies now greatly depend on the metropolitan area in which they are located. Leonard Brody is a media visionary, business strategist, venture capitalist, Canada’s leading technology analyst, advisor at various venture funds across the globe, best-selling author and two-time Emmy nominee. His ideas have transformed the worldview of major organizations and corporations, from the UN to PepsiCo. Leonard will share his vision of how the age of agglomeration is changing the international investment criteria and creating a new investment geography. ? How do international investors view changes taking place as a result of the increasing significance of agglomerations? ? What requirements do they have towards the quality of state administration of metropolitan areas? ? From the perspective of the investor, which agglomerations and industries related to their growth appear the most promising in the medium and long term perspectives?