Development institutes and agencies of metropolitan areas

MUF 2017
06 July
Global capitals and major agglomerations have established dozens of development institutes and agencies, consolidating great experience and expertise in the most relevant sectors of urban development. Such structures have allowed global cities to form consolidated development plans for regions and countries as a whole. In Russia, a complete infrastructure of development institutes and agencies has been formed, which works at both the federal and regional levels. However, the entities do not have a coordinated action plan and do not direct their projects towards broad development of the country. In order to resolve key objectives in the development of Russia, it is necessary to form a unified, all-encompassing strategy, and determine the roles of institutes and agencies in national development. ? What objectives may be met by development institutes and agencies, and which may not? ? What are the best practices in the field of agglomeration development agencies and corporations? ? What national development institutes have projected their strategies towards all-encompassing national organisations, and how do these projections interlink with one another? ? How can communication and coordination of actions between development institutes and agencies working at various levels and in various sectors be organised? Has the time come to establish special development agencies for major agglomerations, or can existing institutes carry out this function?