Сombined map. Spatial development strategy of the Crimean agglomeration

MUF 2017
06 July
Reforms aimed at increasing the size of Crimea's territorial subjects are not new and have been tested by many years' practice. Towns are being united with villages, districts and agricultural zones. But today the administrative map of the Republic of Crimea is undergoing particularly large-scale changes. The area of Simferopol will increase fourfold through the addition of the Simferopol district, and the central part of the peninsula will develop as a single agglomeration. This solution, revolutionary for Crimea, will be the first step towards administrative and spatial reforms that will cardinally change the development of the republic. ? How do the authorities view the prospects for development of a unified Crimean agglomeration, as well as possible instruments for its broad administration and coordination? ? What principles lie at the basis of the development of Greater Simferopol and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of this unification? Which Crimean agglomerations are coordinated to the greatest extent and are already fully-fledged subjects, formally divided by administrative borders?