Renewing the economy. How to relocate production facilities out of the city center and do it right?

MUF 2017
06 July
The withdrawal of large production facilities from the center of Moscow began in the Soviet era, becoming particularly active at the end of 2000. Nevertheless, today the reserve of industrial areas is more than 180 square km – which is more than the area of Moscow within the third transport ring. The reorganization of production facilities, accompanied by the rapid growth of more economically important industries on the vacant location, is a widespread practice of economic renewal both for the center and the periphery. How do the largest megalopolises balance this distribution and which model is effective for the development of the Moscow Agglomeration? ? What production facilities should be moved out of the core of the agglomeration, and which ones should be left? ? What infrastructure solutions are needed to successfully implement the transfer of production facilities and ensure their future operation? What initiatives for the renovation of the urban area require the support of the state, and which should be implemented at the expense of regional/local funds? Under what conditions can this project be scaled from the local to the national level?