Role of the housing market in the stable development of metropolitan areas

MUF 2017
06 July
The level of development of the real estate market is a major factor in the economic well-being of a country, region or city, as it affects the development of key economic sectors and creation of additional jobs, as well as the standard of living, and improves the investment and aesthetic attractiveness of the territory. For this reason, states, developers and real estate agencies should pay special attention to mechanisms by which the market functions, and develop a stable approach to developing urban territory. ? Under what conditions can the reorganisation of residential areas and construction of new housing most beneficially affect circular migration in Moscow? ? What is the role of renovating run-down assets in increasing the stable development of a megalopolis? ? How should the process of developing strategies for stable urban development and private initiatives on the real estate market be coordinated? ? How should the housing construction process be set out to ensure that it meets people’s requirements to the maximum possible level? Which districts of Moscow are the most promising in terms of stable development?