To be or to seem? Ecology in metropolises

MUF 2017
06 July
The "eco-slogans” of cities and corporations are often a manifestation of the global fashion for environmental protection, and are not reflected in actual managerial approaches and long-lasting projects. However, the extensive growth of metropolitan areas urgently raises the issue of maintaining the ecological balance as an integral part of the sustainable development of cities and agglomerations. One of the key goals facing metropolises has become the achievement of stability in their physical and ecological systems, as neglecting them might lead to global environmental degradation and endanger the existence of all mankind. ? How do city administrations and organizations move from formal "eco–slogans” to actual deeds? ? What are the principles underlying the sustainable development of global cities in terms of ecology? ? How does the state achieve a balance between ecological stability, economic development, social dynamics, and technological changes? ? What tools allow to achieve compromises and coordination between all actors in the field of sustainable development of the environment?