Rented, Smart and Shared. Models for the Future Housing

MUF 2018
17 July
With millennials entering the housing market, the consumer profile is shifting: they are more mobile and have lower tendency to stay in the place where they grew up and spent most of their lives. In turn, this gives rise to 4s in housing design, as well as to marketing and sales strategies. According to Wakefield Research, approximately 86% of American millennials are prepared to pay more for a smart house. Energy efficiency and compliance with eco standards are also becoming critical for young buyers. Yet many young people often cannot afford to buy an apartment and thus contribute to the booming growth of renting, sharing and buying under shared ownership. On the other side of the tendency, the ageing population will soon inflate the demand for housing for senior citizens.

  • In what way are consumer expectations for housing changing?
  • How are development companies adapting their marketing strategies to the new market?
  • What will city life look like in 10-20 years?
  • What new economic models are appearing in response to new consumer needs?