Future as a Way of Thinking.The Culture and Practice of Decision Making

MUF 2018
17 July

The world is being propelled forward by countries and cultures that understand how to offer an appealing picture of the future and implement long-term projects that are not only focused on profiting their initiators or even contemporaries. At its core, Soviet Russia was a futuristic project, and despite its obvious downfalls, featured a strong culture of long-term planning and development. This was true with regard to science, space, industry, and of course, territorial development, which included the creation of new cities.

  • How does a country, its cities and citizens envision their future?
  • Dо we have a culture of long-term planning?
  • How can we form a vision for the future? Who should do this?
  • What instruments can be used to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of strategic projects?
  • What can we learn from other countries?