One Click City. How Technology Changes Our Lives

MUF 2018
17 July

In the last five years, Moscow has seen the number of digital services and apps multiply by approximately 15 times, and at present, half of the capital’s residents make use of online government and city services. A consumer-centric approach and mass digitalization are shaping the requirements for the city’s decision-making process: it must be user-friendly, simple, and provide quick results. The efforts have received a positive response: Muscovites are now using apps to participate in online referendums, notify the city about urban problems, and promptly resolve everyday issues.

  • What is Moscow's 8 for further developing city digital services? What other aspects of urban life can be digitized?
  • How can we bring together government and civic society in one app, and can this encourage civic engagement?
  • Is it possible for the city to be governed through social networks?