In Commemoration of Futurism. Russian Tradition and Modern Architecture

MUF 2018
17 July

Futurism is not just an artistic sensibility; first and foremost, it is a way of thinking. Futurists declared a cult of the future and set out to create new and unusual forms, and with this, a new type of society conjoined by shared labor. Soviet Russia adopted futurist ideas with enthusiasm. The projects of Russian avant-garde architects such as El Lisitsky, Ivan Leonidov, Yakov Chernikhov, and many others had a defining influence on architecture all over the world. Many international architects pay homage to Russian futurist designs and develop their notions of interaction between architecture and social 4.

  • What is Russian Futurism so influential?
  • What was its impact on the revolution and the emergence of a new country?
  • How did it affect the culture and architecture of the 20th century in Russia and around the world?
  • Have the ideas of Futurism been exhausted and is it necessary to rethink them?