Urbanomics Conference. PPP for the City. How Partnership and Business Encourage Growth and Development

MUF 2018
17 July

The scale of Moscow’s economy is comparable to small countries (Moscow’s GRP in 2017 was approximately USD 250 billion); this alone makes it attractive to investors. As are all megacities, Moscow faces global challenges with regard to the development of essential infrastructure, the need to create more high-performance jobs, and the modernization of production facilities. One of the more efficient methods to deal with these large-scale challenges is public-private partnerships, which are set up successfully all around the world. In order to achieve a positive outcome of a public-private partnership, there must be a balance of interests of the parties involves.

  • What kind of investment instruments are currently used by megacities and urban agglomerations?
  • What are the mechanisms employed in Moscow for public-private partnership?
  • What kind of projects are currently open to investment in Moscow and other big cities?