Made in Moscow. Pitch Sessions of Moscow Tech Solutions

MUF 2018
17 July

Imagine a day in the life of a family in Moscow. The husband commutes to work in an automated bus. His business is thriving thanks to deep data analysis and machine learning that calculated the risks and devised a 10-year plan for increasing sales. The wife pays the bills in 3 seconds using a face recognition app, while the fridge ordered groceries for the week based on IoT. She spends 30 minutes on virtual shopping, tries on clothes and shoes without leaving the comfort of her home and pays with a selfie. The kids study chemistry in virtual reality. The elderly parents are monitored by artificial intelligence equipped with comprehensive medical information for diagnosis. Does this sound like sci-fi? All these technologies are already being used by families not in San Francisco, Singapore or Dubai, but in Moscow. All of them were developed by Russian engineers.

Today these innovative companies will present their products to investors, experts and potential customers from all around the world.

With the support of ICT.Moscow (free information platform on the Moscow IT market).