Medicine as a Network. The New Map of Global Healthcare

MUF 2018
18 July

Like many other industries, the healthcare industry has been globalised in recent years. World leaders like Germany, Israel, and Singapore, along with wealthy patients from around the world, are willing to pay big money for access to specialists from these regions and cities. There is also a new interesting trend emerging, where healthcare leaders not only attract patients to their facilities, but also export their services by creating affiliates in other cities and countries, sending their specialists and equipment to partner clinics, and providing remote access to their services. For example, in H1 2017, clinics and medical companies in Tel Aviv earned more than USD 2 billion from exporting medical equipment to China, while Cuba earns more than USD 270 million annually sending its specialists to work in clinics in Brazil.

  • How has the global healthcare map been changing?
  • How is the export of medical services and technologies organised?
  • How can a megacity use the opportunities of the global market to become a healthcare leader?