Megapolis and University. Investment Model of Partnership

MUF 2018
18 July

The city of the future starts in the university. Globally renowned research universities have the power to transform economy, society and urban environment. In 2016, the twenty-three top research universities in Europe are estimated to have produced 100 billion euro in added value. In large cities the cumulative input of a top-ranking university can amount to 10-15 percent. However, the integration of the city and its universities is multifaceted and expands beyond economic impact. World-class research universities attract and retain talents, generate ideas and facilitate transfer of technology, create high-paid jobs and and attract tourists, while university campuses spur the growth of a new kind of urban environment.

  • What are some efficient model for the cooperation between the city and universities?
  • What can the university give to the city and how can the city reciprocate?
  • Which problems can be solved by integrating universities and the city?
  • How can universities become a driving force for city development?