New Architectural Wave. What Future is Painted for Cities?

MUF 2018
18 July

The future conjured up in sci-fi novels of the 20th century may become reality sooner than we might expect - flying cars that replace airplanes, holograms taking over travel, and plants and food designed and grown in labs to replace the familiar greenery and fruit from your garden. A dream about the city of the future is invariably a hope for an extraordinary possibility to come true. In search for this possibility, each new generation of architects strive to overhaul the concept of the future and rethink the ideas of their teachers. The vastness of modernist urban planning and the humongous city of the Soviet policy of the 1960s branded The New Element of Resettlement gave way to careful research of architectural heritage and historical city centres of New Urbanism. The grandeur of industrial construction and the idea of city as machine shapeshifted into the concept of landscape urbanism and public spaces. 

  • How do architects design our future?
  • Which futuristic ideas will seem relevant in fifty years? 
  • Can architecturally utopian cities offer solutions to social problems?