New Culture in the Old Shell. How to Revitalize Public Spaces that Are Losing Popularity?

MUF 2018
17 July

Despite the booming popularity of online services, traditional libraries, cinemas and city markets are firmly holding their ground and even becoming the center of enthusiastic attention for both citizens and the investors. Today, in addition to their usual functions, these institutions are being turned into spaces for communication, leisure and culture. Repurposing unpopular and unused spaces to meet citizens’ changing needs is essential in order to maintain residents’ interest in them and the city. Successful examples of repurposing urban spaces around the world include the revitalization and redevelopment of industrial facilities.

  • In what ways can the cultural potential of libraries, cinemas and markets be exploited?
  • What new functions should they take on today?
  • Which new solutions for revitalizing urban spaces can be applied in future megacities and in industrial monotowns?