Public vs Personal. Chronicle of the Transportation Revolution

MUF 2018
17 July

Throughout the 20th century, the car was a symbol of wealth and status all over the world. Yet now, after thirty years of aggravating traffic congestion in the world’s biggest cities, the car is finally falling down the ranking. Cities are being forced to develop multimodal transportation systems based on the balanced use of public and private transport. Following in the steps of global megacities, Moscow has implemented a set of transport reforms that limit the use of private cars, increase and the convenience and diversity of public transportation, and improve the quality of the urban environment. This will soon be followed by new 4s: information technologies, new energy, autonomous vehicles, car-sharing, and new 6 are becoming the new reality of urban transportation.

  • How do megacities maintain the balance between different modes of transportation?
  • What are the real and perceived outcomes of the transport reforms implemented by Moscow and other cities in the past decade?
  • How can public transport become appealing and enjoyable?