Caution: Unmanned Vehicles! The Economy, Regulations, and Approaches of Transitioning to Autonomous Megacity

MUF 2018
17 July

Automated vehicles are no longer something of the distant future. More and more cities are launching automated rail transportation, many cars already have an optional autopilot mode, and unmanned transport is becoming common in logistics. Experts estimate that by 2035, automated vehicles will account for 10 percent of the auto industry’s gross output, and by 2050, AVs are likely to supersede their predecessors. The complete transition to automated transportation will bring about important changes for cities, such as construction of new IT infrastructure, transformation of car ownership and usage models, and changes in urban lifestyles. All this requires thorough preparation.

  • What effect will autonomous transportation have on urban infrastructure, structure of settlement and urban services?
  • What kind of infrastructure and regulations are needed for AVs?
  • Could AVs trigger deurbanization?